Holiday Events happening in the Capital - December 2019

Nov 29th – Dec 22nd -> Ottawa Christmas Market

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Events happening in Ottawa this November 2019

Ottawa November Events

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How To Deal With Bad Neighbors

How To Deal With Bad Neighbours Imagine this: - You find your dream house - Perfect neighborhood - Moving day comes and passes with little stress - You're in your new home and life couldn't be better! Now you're relaxing on the couch ready to hit the hay AND WHAT?! Your neighbor decides now is a good time to blast their new Britney Spears album at FULL blast. Fine, you try to sleep through it but wake up to the kids next door playing dodgeball against the shared wall and this THUMP THUMP THUMP won't stop. The next morning, eye contact with your neighbor is tough to be made when you go out to throw out the garbage, you are frustrated! BUT WOW.. someones dog has left a gift for you on your side of the lawn.. this dream of yours is starting to become a nightmare. Take a breathe - Here are some info on stereotypical neighbors and some quick tips on how to deal with them (before you call the cops.. or worse, the cops are called on you):

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Activities happening this October!

With only 3 months left of the year left, enjoy all these activities happening in the capital this month (and don't forget to layer up!).

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Your 2019 Fall Home Maintenance Check List!

No more thinking needed with this list, everything you'll need to do to start preparing your home for the colder months are all noted below. Print this out or save it to your phone and you can easily get through these in a weekend or throughout the month.

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Activities To Do in Ottawa this September!

All the best stuff happening in Ottawa this month will be found here - all date & times can be found below.

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August Activities In The Capital!

Ottawa Events – August 2019

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