Staying Active in the Winter

In the winter, the canal turns into one of the largest skating rinks in the world. It’s definitely worth bracing the cold just to enjoy a Beavertail at the end!

There are many ski hills within less than a forty five minute drive from Ottawa right across the bridge in Gatineau: Camp Fortune, Vorlage, Mont St. Marie, Mount Pakenham and Edelweiss are all great hills with different levels of slopes.

For those who don’t like too much speed, there are beautiful cross-country skiing paths as well as snowshoeing excursions. The Gatineau Park offers adventures with campsites, cabins and yurts that are all accessible by ski or snowshoe trail.

Indoor activities are also a good way to stay active and avoid the cold. Vertical Reality, Coyote Rock Gym and Altitude Gym all offer amazing rock climbing walls for a fun yet challenging workout.

We all know the winters can be long and it’s hard to stay active and encouraged, however even going for a quick skate on the canal or bundling up and heading to one of the many ski hills the Ottawa-Gatineau area has to offer helps to fight the winter blues.

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